The Worldwide Habitat Impact You Make

 I know you didn’t get up today saying, “I hope I get to look at an annual report today.”

Neither did I.

But I will say this: the Habitat for Humanity Annual Report is worth it.

Yes, we build houses. But we also build hope, pride, economic independence, and community.

Thanks for being a part of it here and around the world.

Check it out right here. 

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How Healthy Homes Create Healthy Lives

The truth is that where you live has a big impact on how long you live.

Not only that, there is an already large (and growing) amount of evidence about the huge influence your home and neighborhood have on all parts of your health.

The zip code you will in should not be an indicator of what your health will be.

But, sadly, it often is.

Habitat believes that creating healthy homes helps create healthy people. Those people create healthy neighborhoods and healthy communities.

Take a look at this story by Home Matters America.  It examines the link between health and homes.

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Holiday gift ideas from the ReStore

You have that person on your Christmas list.

You know the person…that art-loving, creative type that you just can’t grab any old thing off the shelf for. It won’t do.

So what to do?

Imagine how intrigued they’ll be when you give them a little creative flair. Something unexpected. Unique.

Come on down to the ReStore and see all the opportunities!

Need a little inspiration? Check out this idea!!!

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How your giving reaches around the world

You may not know this, but your giving to Habitat for Humanity reaches around the world.

That’s because Habitat affiliates in the U.S. tithe 10 percent of what we’ve been blessed with and send those dollars to work around the world.

When you give, you are not only eliminating poverty housing from Itasca County. You’re also eliminating it around the world!

Our affiliate send dollars to Nicaragua. This South American county has 6.1 million people and is slightly smaller in size than the state of New York.

In large part because almost half the population lives on the equivalent of just two U.S. dollars per day, the housing (and other needs) there are significant.

The solutions in Nicaragua aren’t simple, but there are solutions.

Habitat is helping through building new homes with partners, and because half of Nicaraguan homes need infrastructure improvements, Habitat is also helping through community-wide solutions like seed houses and water and sanitation projects.

Together, we’re also providing microfinance opportunities to help with home improvements and offer technical assistance. And because Habitat believes in long-term sustainability, we increasingly provide financial literacy training, safe and healthy housing, and education on housing law and land tenure so families can defend their rights to their property.

Your giving reaches these families. 

And then there are the volunteers. Habitat Nicaragua mobilizes volunteers from the Netherlands, Canada and the U.S. Volunteers come to build homes, but also work in schools, universities and businesses and help with communications and development.

You can get involved, too! Our affiliate has an opportunity to participate in a partnership project with Thrivent Financial in 2016. Look for more details early next year!

To learn more about Habitat’s work in Nicaragua, click on this link.


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Are you interested in a new home?

Itasca County Habitat is looking for partners to build with next year.

Your dream of owning your own home could be closer than you think?


Habitat offers a zero percent mortgage. How does that benefit you?

Let’s do a little math.

Here is (roughly) the mortgage payment on a $120,000 home loan with an interest rate of 4.5 percent.


You would pay $218,888.05 on a 30-year loan. That’s $98,888.05 in interest payments!

Here’s what you’d pay on a $120,000 mortgage loan with Habitat for Humanity……..$120,000.

If you’re interested in this opportunity or know someone who is, please have them call us at 218-999-9001.



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The 2015 Year in Review

Habitat for Humanity has a pretty good YouTube channel. They post a lot about the world-wide reach of what we do.

Here’s a good link to a video that summarizes what we accomplished around the world this year….and what still needs to be done.

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The Impact You Make

On the surface of it, Habitat for Humanity builds houses.

But once you dig a little bit, you realize the main thing we attempt to build is…people.

To understand that better, we tell stories.

Here are some of them.

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In 5 months!  Our volunteers make it happen!  Watch for our Home Dedication and Blessing invite!

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Blog picture 4.9.15

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Home Builders Blitz 2015 needs you!

Wow look at the trade volunteers & sponsors! The list is getting long but we sure could use trade volunteers wanting to hang drywall, finish drywall and/or lay laminate flooring! Call us today if you want to participate in building a house in 5 days!0313151436

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