How Healthy Homes Create Healthy Lives

The truth is that where you live has a big impact on how long you live.

Not only that, there is an already large (and growing) amount of evidence about the huge influence your home and neighborhood have on all parts of your health.

The zip code you will in should not be an indicator of what your health will be.

But, sadly, it often is.

Habitat believes that creating healthy homes helps create healthy people. Those people create healthy neighborhoods and healthy communities.

Take a look at this story by Home Matters America.  It examines the link between health and homes.


About itascahabitat

We provide safe, decent, affordable housing for low-income families and individuals in Itasca County. Our homes are sold with a 0%, 30 year mortgage and the downpayment is $500 plus 300 to 600 hours of sweat equity. The ReStore is used and surplus home improvement store. All the items in the ReStore for sale are donated and the proceeds go towards building more Habitat homes in Itasca County. The ReStore is open to the public Tuesday through Saturday. Shop, Donate, Volunteer at the ReStore! Look for a new program coming the fall of 2011; A Brush With Kindness. A Brush With Kindness is a minor repair program for existing low-income homeowners. Be sure to like us on Facebook!
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